The following fees apply to participation in the Insurance Institute’s FCIP Program. Fees are subject to tax (GST or HST as applicable, depending on the province).

Effective date: June 1, 2018


Includes program admission costs, transcript review and costs to create candidate records $55
Candidates outside Canada – surcharge $204

Course Registration

Includes tuition, access to the web-based learning environment, in-class assessments and cost of final examination where applicable
F510 Strategy in the P&C Insurance Sector $1030
F520 Leading in the Insurance World $1030
F530 Financial Management for Insurance Leaders* $1030
F540 Enterprise Risk Management in the Insurance Sector $1030
F550 Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader $1030
F560 Integrative Learning for the P&C Insurance Sector $2055
Withdrawals and transfers $50
*includes cost of Math Skills Assessment and access to the Math Refresher Course

Course Materials

Includes textbook, course guide and supplementary readings – approximate per-course cost $260


Returned cheques (NSF) $52
Final grade appeal $25
Transcripts $21
Tax receipts (duplicates) $20