CIP Learning Options

At the Insurance Institute, we understand you lead a busy life. Between work and social obligations, time is a precious commodity. However, in the increasingly complex world of insurance, continuous learning isn’t an option ..… it’s imperative. By working toward your CIP designation, you are making a sound investment in the future of the insurance profession and in your own career. The CIP Program features several learning options to allow the flexibility you need to achieve your goals and maintain a sense of balance in your life. 

Distance Learning

Distance learning provides the flexibility of independent study with tutorial support in addition to your core course materials. Distance learning is ideal if you prefer self-directed study or if you need to be able to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments. Distance learning is an excellent way to continue your professional development and earn a CIP designation. Students receive all materials by mail, and all subsequent communication with the Institute, including submission of tests, is via e-mail. Distance learning students write the same national exam as in-class and virtual learning students. Learn more about our distance learning option.

In-Class Learning

Meet your peers, network and learn! In-class instruction allows students to share ideas, gain insights and broaden their skills and knowledge in a classroom setting. You will be taught by industry professionals who share the richness of their real-world career-experience as part of the learning process. In-class learning is offered through local institutes, chapters, some community colleges, and universities across the country. Learn more about our in-class learning option.

Virtual Class Learning

Virtual classes are convenient, economical and save travel time. All you need is a connection to the Internet! At the Insurance Institute, our technology allows the instructors to deliver traditional classroom learning experiences over the web. You’ll be able to see the instructor’s PowerPoint slides, and instructors and students can communicate by typing through the chat window or talking through a USB headset. Learn more about our virtual learning option.

The CIP designation gives you a distinct edge that will set you apart. See the program courses and choose the learning option that best works for you.