Textbooks, Student Resource Guides and Addenda

Textbooks and Student Resource Guides

All CIP courses include a comprehensive textbook developed by the Insurance Institutes. The Textbook and Student Resource Editions will show you the most current edition of the CIP learning material available.

Student Resource Guides

Additional learning resources in the Student Resource Guides (SRG) are available for all mandatory and applied professional courses. Starting in 2016, new textbook editions include an ‘enhanced online tutorial’ in replace of the SRG.

The guides contain preparatory questions and materials to enhance your learning experience and help you prepare for the national examinations, such as:

  • Review questions and model answers
  • Case study questions
  • Additional supplementary material

The student resource guide is provided with the purchase of a textbook and is not sold separately.

Online tutorials

On-line tutorials are available in Elearning for the Mandatory and Applied Professional series courses and select elective courses.

Online tutorials include

  • Practice questions (multiple choice, narrative, and application questions)
  • Interactive learning activities such as Flash Cards, quizzes and trivia games
  • Several media-rich resources such as timelines, interactive graphs, etc.
  • Discussion board with a tutor available to answer course related questions

On-line tutorials are included with the purchase of a textbook from the Insurance Institute and are not sold separately. Access to the online tutorial is provided immediately on purchase and expires 365 days from the date of purchase.

How to access online tutorials

  • Go to elearning.insuranceinstitute.ca
  • Log in using your IIC member ID and IIC web password
  • If you have not created an online member account, create your account here and select ‘I have a User/Member ID’.

Note:If you are a new e-Learning user, you will be prompted to enter an email address in your e-Learning profile and verify the e-mail address the first time you log in. That email address will be used for e-Learning class correspondence only. The email address recorded in your IIC Member Profile will continue to be used for all IIC mailings, including password-reset emails.

If you purchased your books from a College bookstore, proof of purchase should be provided to elearning@insuranceinstitute.ca. Access will then be provided within two business days. 

It is recommended that students use the textbook, student resource guide, and online tutorial, when available, to prepare for their examination.

CIP Course Textbook and SRG Addenda

For select courses, an addendum is published that contains changes to the existing publication which should be used in addition to the original version of the textbook or student resource guide.

Course Textbook Addenda


File Size

C12: Insurance on Property (Quebec)  June 2016 72 KB
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Alberta) Jan. 2017 66 KB
C14 Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Atlantic)  Jan. 2017 44 KB
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (British Columbia)
Jan. 2017 60 KB
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Manitoba) Jan. 2017  46 KB 
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Ontario)
Jan. 2017 72 KB
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Quebec) Jan. 2017 50 KB
C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Saskatchewan)  Jan. 2017   52 KB
C39: Fraud Awareness and Prevention (2015 text) Dec.2015 157 KB
C110: Essentials of Loss Adjusting Nov. 2015 157 KB
C111: Advanced Loss Adjusting
Sept. 2017 21 KB

Student Resource Guide Addenda

C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 (Ontario) May 2016  13 KB

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