CIP® Program Courses

Below is the list of Mandatory, Applied Professional and Elective CIP courses we offer.

Click on a course name to see the classes, locations and delivery method options available to you at this time.

• In-class options are offered by your local institute or chapter.
• Virtual classes are offered by either your local institute or chapter, or the Insurance Institute of Canada. Please note that you can take a virtual class offered by any local institute or chapter, but please be aware of provincial time differences.
• Distance learning/independent study courses are also offered by the Insurance Institute - click the course you're interested in below to see the options.

Need help deciding which courses and order is right for you? Take a look at the CIP & Your Career page. Also, please don't hesitate to contact either our Member Services team or your local institute or chapter for advice on your next educational steps. We're here to help you achieve your career goals.

Transfer Credits
You may be entitled to CIP course credits for prior insurance education such as CAIB, broker licensing, our Risk Management Certificate program, and more. Learn more.

Computer-based Exams
Currently, the majority of exams are paper-based. Computer-based exams (CBE) for Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and General Insurance Essentials (GIE) courses are being introduced gradually over a two-year period, starting from  December 2015. Students are responsible for knowing when their courses will be offered in a computer-based format. Learn more about computer-based exams and see full schedule of CBE offerings in each course.

 Virtual Class Access

 Students who are enrolled in a virtual course can access their class via our e-learning site. 

CIP Learning Materials 

All CIP courses include a comprehensive textbook developed by the Insurance Institutes Academic Programs team in collaboration with industry employers and subject matter experts. The curriculum for each course textbook is designed to cover the most important skills and knowledge areas of the particular subject. 

Student Resource Guides
Additional learning resources are compiled in the Student Resource Guides (SRG). The guides contain sample questions and model answers to help you gauge your progress in learning the core text material. The format and style of the SRG questions are developed to align with the format and style of the national examinations. You will also find review questions, case study questions, and other supplementary material to enhance your learning experience and help you to prepare for the national examination.

Student Resource Guides are available and required for all mandatory and applied professional courses. Students require both text and resource guide to prepare for the examination. The fee for the Student Resource Guide includes access to the on-line tutorial for the same course. 

Online Tutorials
On-line tutorials are available for the Mandatory and Applied Professional series courses. They provide you with additional study aids in an interactive, web-based environment. Using the Institute’s Learning Management System, students can review course notes, test their knowledge by completing self-assessment quizzes, and post questions and comments for other students in a virtual discussion-group setting. An on-line tutor is available to answer course-related questions and direct the on-line discussion. On-line tutorials are included with the student resource guides.

• If you purchased your text and student resource guide from an Institute office, you will receive an e-mail within two business days with information on how to access the on-line tutorial.

• If you have previously registered for an on-line tutorial, any additional course will be added to your account at within two business days of purchase of the textbook.

• If you purchased your books from an outside source, such as a College bookstore, proof of purchase should be provided to Access will then be provided within two business days. 

Course Examinations 
Examinations for all CIP courses are held in April, July, and December each year. (Examinations for marine courses and selected elective courses are held in December and April sessions only.) Most exams provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the course material with three types of question styles: multiple choice, narrative, and application. We also have exam preparation  information available. All CIP examinations are three hours long. Many of the course texts and student resource guides include an appendix that will assist you in preparing for the exam and include sample exam questions of each type. 

Please visit the Examinations section of our website for more information.

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