CIP® Fees

The following fees apply to participation in the Insurance Institute’s CIP Program.
Fees are subject to tax (GST or HST as applicable, depending on the province), and are in Canadian dollars.

Effective Date: August 1, 2018

For in-class course fees, contact your local institute, community college, or human resources department.                                 

Independent Study

Includes cost of text kit or textbook, tuition, and examination.
   All Other Provinces
(Base Fee)
(Base Fee)
*Courses with a Text Kit—Standard Rate $879 $889
*Courses with a Text Kit—Early Registration Rate $829  $839
*Courses with Textbook Only—Standard Rate $834 $844
*Courses with Textbook Only—Early Registration Rate  $784  $794
Marine Program Contact Institute for fees 
*Continued Tuition (tuition and exam fee only)—Standard Rate  $659 $669
*Continued Tuition (tuition and exam fee only)—Early Registration Rate  $609  $619
Outside Canada Student Surcharge (no tax applicable)  $290 $290
Exam Rescheduling Fee (may vary; see regulations)  $100 $100
Withdrawal  $50 $50

*See Textbooks section below for further details.


Exam Fee  $289 $289
Rewrites  $289 $289
Exam Deferral Requests See Absence and Deferrals 
Exam Withdrawal (prior to deadline)  $50 $50
Exam Appeals
Re-evaluation Fee $115 $115
Re-assessment Fee     $90 $90

Textbooks and Other Resources

**CIP Text Kits (including textbook plus online tutorial/Student Resource Guide)
 $220 $230
**CIP Textbooks (applies only to courses for which a text kit is not available)  $175 $185
Printed Practice Questions (questions from the online tutorial)  $30 $30
The Dictionary of Insurance  $55 $55
 5% GST applies to all book sales, and shipping fees apply to all orders.    
 For special orders, including Marine texts, contact the Institute.    
**Text kits featuring enhanced online tutorials are being introduced for all CIP courses. Once a text kit has been introduced for a course, purchase of the full kit is required. On an interim basis, the text kit for some courses currently includes a printed Student Resource Guide and basic online tutorial instead of the enhanced tutorial.  


***Matriculation Fee (added to the first course registration or credit fee)     $44 $44
Credit Fees  $50 $50
Resalable Textbook Administration Fee $50 $50
Returned Cheques (NSF)  $52 $52
Transcripts  $21 $21
Certificate Replacement Fee  $21 $21
***Covers the cost of creating a student record.