Two Textbook Edition Policy

Some CIP and GIE courses and their examinations may have two textbook editions (published dates). For a listing of the textbook editions available for each CIP or GIE course, please visit the Textbooks, Student Resource Guides and Addenda.

Once a new textbook edition has been released, examinations will be based on the new textbook edition and students will be automatically booked for that edition based on the course registration. 

Exams based on the previous textbook will remain available for three consecutive examination sessions to accommodate deferrals, rewrites, and students taking continued tuition. In these cases, the student select the appropriate textbook edition before they can schedule their examination. Students will not receive their booking email until their textbook edition is selected.

The student will be notified they are registered in a two-textbook exam via the following:
Order confirmation email
Online member account
Reminder emails after the examination entry deadline is closed

It is the responsibility of each student to obtain any course or text revisions and ensure they are using the correct textbook edition for their course and examination. Once the exam is opened, you must attempt the exam assigned to you.

You can view or make changes to the textbook edition exam assigned to you at any time before your exam in your IIC member account under My Textbook Editions.