Rescheduling, Transfers and Withdrawals

Due to the changes the Insurance Institute has implemented in response to COVID-19, the July exam session for CIP, GIE and Risk Management courses will now be held in August between August 3-21, 2020. Exams will be computer-based and virtually proctored. Visit our Virtually Proctored Computer-Based Examination webpage for more information.

Examination Schedule     Rescheduling Deadline
July 2020     July 28


Deadline to withdraw and session transfer:

Examination Session     Deadline
July 2020     June 30


Examination Schedule

July 2020
Aug. 3 - Aug. 21, 2020



Students have the option to reschedule their exam booking (time, date and location) within the three week exam session up to seven days prior to the exam session start date, if space permits. To reschedule:

» Log into the Institute’s website
» Click on “My Education”
» Click “My Courses”
» Click “Exam Details” under “Course Record”

After the deadline, options to reschedule will no longer be available to students. Students unable to attend the scheduled exam due to medical, work-related, or bereavement reasons, please refer to the Absence from Examinations and Exam Deferral Requests policy.

Please note that all examination centres have limited seating and availability.

Examination Schedule     Rescheduling Deadline
December 2019     November 25, 2019
April 2020     May 25, 2020
July 2020     July 28, 2020


Students wishing to withdraw from an exam must also withdraw from the course, where applicable. Withdrawal deadlines vary by learning option. Requests to withdrawal must be received by the Institute no later than the withdrawal deadline for each course. In order to receive a full refund, less an administrative charge (see the Fee Schedule), textbook(s) must be returned and received in resalable condition (i.e. no marking, highlighting, or damages to the inside or outside of the textbook).Students wishing to keep their textbook(s) will receive a refund less the textbook fees and administrative charge. Membership, shipping fees, and overseas student surcharges are non-refundable.

Independent study:

To withdraw from an Independent study course and exam, requests must be submitted to Member Services no later than the deadlines below.

Session Transfer

Alternatively, Independent study students may transfer into the next independent study session at any point prior to the transfer deadline indicated in each session, at no charge. This type of transfer is allowed once per course.

Deadline to withdraw and session transfer:

Examination Session     Deadline
December     September 30
April     January 31
July     May 31

Please note, session transfer requests received within two weeks following the transfer deadline may be approved subject to an administrative fee.

In-class and Virtual Learning:

To withdraw from the in-class or virtual learning course and exam, requests must be submitted to their local Institute and Chapter prior to the withdrawal deadline. For more information on withdrawal policies and deadlines, please refer to your receipt or contact your local institute and chapter page.

For information on the rewrite withdrawal deadline, please click here.


Transferring to a Different Learning Method
Independent study students may transfer to a classroom learning method of the same course if that course becomes available during the independent study semester. The student is responsible for payment of the difference of any associated fees such as, the classroom tuition.

No other refunds or credits will be made.

Transferring from a classroom course to independent study is not permitted. Students are required to withdraw from their classroom course, before the withdraw deadline, and re-enroll in the independent study course. Withdrawal fees will apply.