Students Requiring Accommodation

The Institute will make every effort to accommodate candidates with special needs and who may require alternative arrangements to write the final examination. Students can obtain the Accommodation Request Form by contacting Member Services (1-866-362-8585) or their local institute/chapter manager.

In order to provide accommodation, full details regarding the nature of the special need or disability and how it affects writing the final examination must be submitted to the Examinations Department.

Students writing CIP, GIE and RISK examinations must submit no later than 10 weeks before the start of the examination session.

Students writing licensing examinations (OTL and RIBO) must submit 14 business days before the start of the examination session.

Medical information will be requested and is required in order to assess and determine the nature of suitable accommodation.

No medical information will be shared with other parties.

When the appropriate accommodation has been determined, information indicating the required modification will be communicated from the Examinations Department:
1. The student will be notified by email or phone.
2. The student’s local institute manager will receive information in order to facilitate the accommodation.
3. The onsite examinations Proctor will receive an accommodation form detailing the modification.

For students in a full-time insurance program, the Insurance Institute’s policies and procedures for accommodation are separate from those of the full-time program and must be followed.