Examination Rewrites

Students who receive a grade X or Y will be permitted two rewrites in the semesters immediately following their unsuccessful attempts. For extenuating circumstances, please contact Member Services.

Rewrite results will be based on the final exam mark only. Classroom or tutorial marks are not carried over.

Students can register for an exam rewrite on the website:

1.Log into your member account
2.Go to “My Education”
3.Go to “My Courses” > “Course Record”
4.Click “Rewrite” beside the course eligible for a rewrite

Rewrite Deadlines

It is the responsibility of student to ensure they register within the deadlines and in the semester immediately following their unsuccessful attempt.

Unsuccessful session

Rewrite session

Registration deadline

Rewrite withdrawal deadline



October 15

October 31



February 15

February 28



June 1

June 1

Students who withdraw within the deadlines above will be refunded the examination fee subject to an administration fee, see Fee Schedule. Once withdrawn, students forfeit their option to rewrite and are required to enroll in Continued Tuition.

Continued Tuition

Continued Tuition is the requirement to retake the course and is required under the following circumstances:

•  Students who do not register to rewrite the exam before the above deadline
•  Students who receive a Z-grade
•  Students who receive an X or a Y grade after two subsequent rewrites (three attempts in total)
•  Students who are late or absent for their scheduled exam

To increase their chance of success, students are encouraged to transfer to class-based instruction once registered for Continued Tuition. Please contact Member Services to discuss your course learning options.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain any course or text revisions and updates and pay any additional fees, where applicable. Please review the Textbook, Online Tutorials and Addendawebpage for the list of textbook editions currently in use.

For other exam related absences, please see the Institute’s Examination Rescheduling and Deferrals Policy.