RMS School Exam Challenge (formerly IAO School)

Upon completion of any of the following courses, applicants are eligible to challenge Institute exams. Only a maximum of two of these courses will qualify as elective courses toward the completion of the CIP Program.

• A-1 course allows students to challenge C36
• A-2 course allows students to challenge C37
• A-3 course allows students to challenge C38

Challenge Fees (fees valid until July 31, 2017):
Each RMS Challenge Fee = $192.00 + GST or HST


Students requesting a challenge should forward a clear copy of the RMS course certificate along with credit card information or a cheque, made payable to:

The Insurance Institute of Canada
18 King Street East - 6th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5C 1C4

RMS School Challenge Request Form [PDF,  90.7 KB]

To obtain credits, students must be members of their local Insurance Institute or chapter. The annual membership fee varies. See our Membership page for further information.