Cancellation of Examinations

Examinations will only be held as determined by The Insurance Institute of Canada and published in this handbook.

If a technical disruption occurs during an exam and the sitting is cancelled by the Institute, students will be required to rewrite the exam. Students will not receive the same exam as they did originally and the rewrite exam mark will contribute to the final course grade.

In the event of a single examination sitting cancellation for a single or multiple users, the exam will be held after the end of the three-week exam session.
•    During the April and July sessions, exams will be held during the fourth week of the respective month
•    During the December session, exams will be held during the first week of January

The Institute will provide students with timely information on exams that are rescheduled. Information on revised times, dates, and locations for exams that are rescheduled will be emailed to all affected students.

In the event that any other extraordinary circumstance arises that prevents an examination from being held at the published time, students must contact the Insurance Institute to determine their options.

Examinations held at times other than those expressly authorized by The Insurance Institute of Canada will be invalid.