Absence from Examinations and Exam Deferral Requests

Examinations must be written at the session immediately following completion of the tuition semester.

Students who are unable to attend their examination on the scheduled exam date due to medical, work-related, or bereavement reasons must contact Member Services (1-866-362-8585) prior to the examination date. They may have the option to reschedule their exam to another available date within the current three-week scheduled exam session.

If a student fails to appear for the scheduled exam due to medical, work-related, or bereavement reasons without prior notice, a $100.00 fee may apply for rescheduling absent exams within the scheduled three-week exam session. Absence from a scheduled exam session does not entitle a student to write the examination at another session. Ineligible absence from an examination session will require the student to enrol in continued tuition.

If a student is unable to attend an examination date within the three-week scheduled exam session, they should refer to the exam deferral policy below. Rescheduling or deferrals may be granted with no fee when supporting medical documentation is provided.

Exam deferrals to the next available examination session may be granted for medical, work-related, or bereavement reasons. A request to defer an examination due to an absence in the case of a medical or other emergency must be submitted in writing to the Registrar by completing the Exam Deferral Request Form, along with supporting documentation, by no later than

» January 1 for the preceding December exams
» May 1 for the preceding April exams
» August 1 for the preceding July exams

Requests to defer the scheduled examination to the next examination session will be considered on their merits and may require an administrative fee.

When an exam is deferred, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain any course or text revisions and updates and pay any additional fees, where applicable.

Eligible class marks will be counted in the final grade of a deferred exam. If a student is registered in a course with eligible class marks, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain all class marks in the corresponding tuition semester of a deferred exam.

Download the Exam Deferral Request Form  (PDF, 42 KB).