Examination Rescheduling, Deferrals and Absence

Examinations must be written at the session immediately following completion of the tuition semester.


Students can change their exam format from In-person to Virtually proctored (Online proctoring) or vice versa 24 hours prior to their scheduled exam at no cost. Students can also reschedule their exam date and time in the same administration at no cost. Seating availability is limited for in-person exams. Rescheduling requests within the 24-hour period are subject to a $100 rescheduling fee. This includes students who need to reschedule their exam due to not passing a system check more than 24 hours before their scheduled exam and within the same semester they are registered in. A $100 rescheduling fee will apply to reschedule your exam within the in-person exam format less than 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

A request to reschedule will not be accepted after the last day of the administration period.


Students who need to defer their examination to the next examination administration period, must contact Member Services (1-866-362-8585) prior to their examination date. Students must complete and email the Exam Deferral Request Form with the appropriate documentation to examdeferrals@insuranceinstitute.ca. Examinations can only be deferred for medical, bereavement, work related or other valid reasons described below, with supporting documentation provided. A Member Services Associate will assess and respond to your deferral request within 3-5 business days.

Supporting Documentation and the exam deferral form must be e-mailed no later than

» January 1 for the preceding December exams
» May 1 for the preceding April exams
» August 1 for the preceding July exams

Acceptable Deferral Reasons:
•  Medical illness (candidate or an immediate family member you are a caregiver for)
•  Death of a candidate’s immediate family member
•  Jury duty
•  Pregnancy (candidate only)
•  Validated technical issue where we are unable to find a new acceptable exam date within the current exam session
•  Work related (Work related supporting documentation must be on letter head or an email and from a direct Supervisor.)
•  Severe weather conditions (for in-person exams)

Examinations are deferred to the next immediate exam session only. Requests to defer the examination outside of the reasons noted above, will be considered on their merits. Longer term deferral requests will only be granted for extenuating medical circumstances and may not exceed one year from the original examination period. After one year, students are required to retake the course (i.e., register for Continued Tuition).

When an exam is deferred, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain any course or text revisions and updates and pay any additional fees, where applicable. Please review the Textbook, Online Tutorials and Addenda webpage for the list of textbook editions currently in use.

Eligible class marks or test paper marks will be counted in the final grade of a deferred exam.

If you have started your exam and/or have already written the final exam, you are NOT eligible to apply for an exam deferral.


An ineligible absence from a scheduled exam means that a student will be marked as absent and will be required to retake the course. The following reasons will not be accepted for a deferral and will result in an ineligible absence:

•  Requesting more time to study
•  Personal travel arrangements during the final exam period
•  Illnesses that are not supported with proper documentation
•  Work related reasons not supported by proper documentation
•  Misreading the final exam schedule
•  A full or busy final exam schedule
•  Late for exam
•  Moving, wedding, marital status change

If you fail to show up for your exam, you will be marked as absent and will be required to retake the course (tuition and exam). Note that the course and exam fees are non-refundable. Examinations can only be deferred for medical, work related or bereavement reasons with supporting documentation provided.