Description of Examination Format

The format of computer-based examinations (CBE) for most CIP courses includes multiple-choice, narrative and application questions. The number of multiple-choice questions varies by course, some with 40, some with 60 and a few with none.

Those with no multiple-choice questions include: C16 The Business of Insurance, C57 Cargo and Goods in Transit Insurances, C58 Marine Hull and Associated Liability – Part 1, and C59 Marine Hull and Associated Liability – Part 2.

The number of narrative and application questions also varies by course. The format of the examinations and the number, proportion and types of questions for any or all courses are subject to change without prior notification.

To enhance question security and minimize question exposure, The Insurance Institute of Canada’s examinations use multiple examination forms. A statistical process of forms equating is used to ensure that the examination forms are of equal difficulty. The result is that the performance required to meet the standardized passing score is the same for each examination form and that student results from different forms are comparable.

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