Who marks the exams and how are they marked?
Institute exams are marked by experienced industry professionals who have a CIP or FCIP designation. Markers are provided answer points as guidelines and, where appropriate, have the discretion to consider valid answers not included in the answer points.

Why can’t I get my exam answers back?
Unlike a mid-term exam or quizzes and assignments, the final examination is not a learning exercise for review and discussion. Instead, it is an evaluation tool for the assessment of students’ overall knowledge, understanding and application of the course material. Since answers are not intended for review by students, comments are not made by markers on them, nor are there indications as to what information is correct or incorrect within answers. As a result, the answers would be of little value to students in determining where they did well or poorly.

How can I appeal an exam grade?
Two levels of appeal are available to students should they require confirmation of their grade or further information on their performance. Re-assessment or re-evaluation offer varying degrees of review and feedback. The fees charged for each service reflects the amount of time, scrutiny and feedback provided by markers.

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