Examination Appeals

Appeals ensure the accuracy and fairness of the calculations and grading and are not a re-marking of the exam. Appeal information will help students understand their grade, but is not intended to be sufficiently comprehensive for review or study purposes.

There are two options for students who wish to appeal their final examination grade: re-evaluation and re-assessment. An appeal request must be received at the Institute by the following dates:

Examination Session



 January 31


 May 31


 August 31

Fees for each appeal are indicated in the Fee Schedule

Click here to print and submit an appeal request by mail.


A re-evaluation is available only to students who obtain an unsuccessful final grade (X, Y, or Z). The re-evaluation is done by an independent reviewer who checks the addition of marks and completes an assessment of the accuracy of the original marking and an analysis of the student’s performance on all learning objectives tested on the final examination. Learning objectives at the beginning of each study in the course textbook identify for students the key areas they are to focus on and may be examined on.


A re-assessment is available to all students, regardless of final grade. The re-assessment includes a check of the addition of marks and a review of the student’s performance on the learning objectives for which the student scored less than 60%. Students who request a re-assessment are not eligible to request a re-evaluation afterward. Students who have been successful in the course may request a re-assessment in order to achieve an honours (H) grade only. The re-assessment to honours will include a review of the student’s performance on the learning objectives for which the student scored less than 80%.


1. Appeals rarely change the original result, as great care is taken with the marking, and a system of checks and balances is in place to prevent oversights. The original marking will be carefully reviewed to ensure fairness and accuracy. In the event that a re-assessment or re-evaluation produces a passing grade from a failing grade or an H grade is achieved, the full appeal fee will be returned.
2. Only the final examination can be re-evaluated or re-assessed.
3. Students who are eligible to rewrite a failed examination should register for the rewrite when applying for re-evaluation or re-assessment to avoid missing the entry deadline date. If the result of an appeal is not available prior to the examination, the student may request that the rewrite be deferred to the next session.
4. General Insurance Essentials (GIE) examinations are not eligible for review.
5. An appeal (re-evaluation or re-assessment) is the final review of a student’s answers and grade, and no further reviews or appeals are available.

It is The Insurance Institute of Canada’s policy not to return students’ answers or copies thereof. However, in jurisdictions where there is a requirement by law to return answers, they will be returned to students upon receipt by The Insurance Institute of Canada of a request in writing and the fee of $50.00 plus GST or HST per exam. This request is to be received within 30 days of the publication date of the grades on the website. Once a student acts upon this legal requirement, there will be no further appeals, discussion, or review of the student’s answers or marks.