Computer-based Exams

The Insurance Institute of Canada is introducing computer-based exams for Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and General Insurance Essentials (GIE) courses over a two-year period, which began with the December 2015 exam session.

Computer-based exams (CBE) are written at proctored exam centres, with keyboards and monitors replacing pens and paper answer books. Computer-based exams mirror the rigor of the current paper-based exam process, using multiple-choice, short narrative and application questions. Exam sites have a secure computer set-up, including screen protection and locked-down browsers.

Hear CIP students and an industry employer talk about the features and benefits.



Computer-based exams (CBE) are building momentum. It’s likely you will soon be writing a CBE exam. What can you expect?

Our slide presentation, Computer Exams Demystified, shows you how to register for CBE. Plus, you will see a demonstration of what CBE will look like on the day of the exam.


If you are registered for a CBE course, try our free CBE tutorial to learn what it's all about first-hand. You will need your IIC membership ID number to login.

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Computer-based exams offer a variety of advantages over paper-based exams:


Computer-based exams are scheduled three times annually. Each exam period consists of a three-week window.

Managers responsible for staffing are able to maintain consistent and reliable service levels throughout their organizations because employees can schedule their exam times and locations at any point within the three-week CBE window.

Employees working off-site are able to select exam times and locations that accommodate their business needs. 


Most people in today’s business climate type faster than they can write. Students typing their answers in a       computer-based exam will be able to keep up with their train of thought.

CBE exams are the same length of time as paper-based exams – three hours. Students who have written CBE say the ease of typing answers in the CBE format created additional time for them to review and edit their answers for clarity.

CBE eliminates discomfort from holding a pen or a pencil for a prolonged period. Answers are more legible as a result.

Automated Tracking
CBE flags unanswered questions and keeps track of time. In a computer-based exam, students know exactly how many questions they have left to answer and how much time remains to answer them.

Early Results
Students receive their grades sooner, reducing the time and anxiety of not knowing their course results.


How to find out more

Published articles about CBE have appeared in the publications of IQ: Institute Quarterly as well as Canadian Underwriter.