Computer-based Examination (CBE) Centres

CBE centres are selected at the time of exam registration. Students will be automatically booked into an exam centre within approximately 100 kilometres of their residence. However, it’s not always a guarantee that all dates and times within the three-week window will be available during the session.

The exam centre is listed on the booking email received after booking the exam. This information is also accessible from the student’s online member account.

All examination centres have limited seating. Students who do not have an examination centre close to their residence, and require arrangements to travel to an examination centre within approximately 100 kilometres of their residence, are required to register at least eight weeks in advance of the start of the exam session. The Institute will strive to arrange a CBE centre within approximately 100 kilometres of a student’s residence; however, after the eight-week deadline the student will have to select an established exam centre or be assigned to the closest established exam centre based on availability.