Underwriter Applied Professional Series

The Underwriter Applied Professional Series within the CIP Program gives you the option of focusing on the underwriter career path or simply learning more about this important role within the property & casualty (p&c)  industry. This series includes courses most useful to students working as underwriters or underwriting assistants.

You’ll learn the skills and knowledge required in the underwriter role to evaluate the risks of insuring individuals, organizations, businesses and assets. By learning about the underwriting process, you will understand how insurers determine whether to accept a customer’s risk and set premiums for the appropriate level of insurance coverage. The combination of both practical and theoretical aspects of the underwriting field supports underwriters in their career development and advancement. 



Underwriter Professional Series
C120: Underwriting Essentials
C121: Advanced Underwriting
C122: Practical Issues in Underwriting Management

The first two courses in the series cover basic, intermediate and advanced skills and knowledge development for individual underwriters and underwriting team or department supervisors. The third course in the series prepares you for the responsibilities and challenges of management of the underwriting function within an insurance organization. 


This series represents an area of concentration for those who wish to focus on the underwriter role. You are free to choose any three courses from the Applied Professional Series, including this Underwriter Professional Series as well as the Broker and Agent Professional Series or Claims Professional Series. As well, the Insurance Institute understands that you need the freedom to study when and where it is convenient for you. We offer a range of flexible study methods, including in-classvirtual and distance learning.

Learn and Earn Tax Credits

The Insurance Institute has been certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and therefore is able to issue T2202A receipts. Eligible students who paid tuition and fees for qualifying courses are permitted to claim these on their income tax returns.

Underwriter Professional Series & CIP

For those choosing to focus on the underwriter career path only, here is the CIP plan of study that includes all three Underwriter Applied Professional courses. You are not required, however, to take all underwriter courses. You must complete three of the nine available Applied Professional courses to meet the CIP program course requirements. 


Mandatory CIP Courses
C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance (Must be taken as one of the first four courses)
C12: Insurance on Property
C13: Insurance Against Liability - Part 1
C14: Automobile Insurance - Part 1
C16: The Business of Insurance (Must be taken as one of the last  three courses)


Underwriter Professional Series
C120: Underwriting Essentials
C121: Advanced Underwriting
C122: Practical Issues in Underwriting Management


Choose two (2) electives from almost 30 on offer.


If you are still exploring whether an underwriting career is right for you, you may wish to visit the career profiles at Career Connections for more information.