CIP® & Your Career

A CIP designation is good for your career!  A study by the Conference Board of Canada showed that a CIP designation leads to better career prospects and an above average salary.

The CIP program offers courses to increase your technical knowledge and skills in a wide variety of subjects. Our Applied Professional series allows you to focus your studies on three key industry roles.


Broker & Agent

As insurance intermediaries, brokers and agents need to analyze risk and coverage, and provide ongoing monitoring and risk management plan modification. The Broker and Agent Professional Series is designed to develop the knowledge and competencies to flourish in their careers. If you are a marketing rep, appraiser, loss control specialist, underwriter or risk manager, a deeper understanding of the broker and agent role may also benefit your existing career. Take a look at the Broker and Agent Professional Series. 

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An underwriter evaluates the risks of insuring individuals, organizations, businesses and assets. Through the underwriting process, they are able to determine whether an insurer will accept the customer’s risk and to set the premium for the appropriate level of insurance coverage. The Underwriter Professional Series helps you develop the many complex skills and abilities required as an underwriter. If you currently work as an appraiser, broker/agent, loss control specialist, risk manager or actuary, there may also be a career benefit in a more thorough understanding of the underwriter role. View the Underwriter Professional Series.


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The role of the loss adjuster encompasses both claims investigation as well as helping those who have suffered a loss understand the coverage available through their policy. The Claims Professional Series has been created to help you build both the hard and soft skills as well as the claims knowledge you need to advance your career. If you currently work as an appraiser or actuary, understanding the claims role could be advantageous in your day-to-day interactions with loss adjusters. Learn more about the Claims Professional Series.


If you aren’t yet sure which career path you want to take, see extensive list of career profiles and learn more about them at Career Connections.