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Virtual classroom learning combines the benefits of real-time instruction with the convenience of learning from home and some flexibility in choosing your login times. Courses include approximately 36 hours of online instruction, and sessions are recorded. During the semester students complete a midterm examination and other graded assessments, which are combined in a final class mark. Your final course grade is based on a combination of the class mark and the final examination mark.

Virtual classroom learning is ideal if
• You would like to have access to an instructor and the opportunity to interact in real time
• You also like the flexibility of learning remotely and the option to view sessions at times that suit you

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What’s Included

Virtual classroom learning registration fees include the following:
• Examination fee
• Cost of tuition
• Course textbook
• Access to online learning resources such as summaries, quizzes, and practice questions 

Please note that membership of your local institute is required in addition to your course registration fees.

How It Works

After you register, textbooks are mailed out prior to the start of the semester. Your virtual classroom course is hosted on our e-learning website and incorporates a web-conferencing service. 

In a virtual classroom, the instructor interacts with students using text, presentations, slides, chat, and interactive icons. Students are able to ask the instructor questions and get answers in real time, as well as view the instructor and their PowerPoint slides during the session or later via a recording. Lessons vary depending on the instructor, but sessions may use web cameras for face-to-face interactions, break-out rooms for small-group discussions, and other web tools to facilitate learning.

The midterm exam is completed online within an allocated time. There may be additional tests and assignments throughout the semester. 

The final examination uses a different platform and separate procedures – please review our Examinations section for full details.

Not all courses are offered virtually in all locations, but Independent study is available for courses not offered locally. Contact  your local institute or chapter for current virtual classroom courses, schedules, and registration information. If you have any questions, please speak to a Member Services Associate toll-free at 1-866-362-8585, or email us at 

Withdrawal and refund policies for virtual classroom tuition are subject to the rules and guidelines of each facility or institution. For further information, please contact your local institute or chapter.

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Technical Requirements

To participate in our online activities and exams, it is strongly recommended that you have access to a personal laptop or a computer that meets the following hardware, software and connectivity specifications. Use of your employer’s equipment is not recommended, as company policies, firewalls and/or software restrictions may impede your access to needed features.

• Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari 8 or higher. We recommend using the latest version.
• Connection: Broadband internet connection (Wi-Fi not recommended)
• Operating System Minimum Requirements: Windows 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, Android 4.3
• Note: For an optimal experience we recommend using the latest version of your browser.
• Note: When completing a test or other graded activity, we recommend that you use a desktop/laptop browser (not a mobile device).

Grading and Exams

Final course grades are issued as letter grades. For details of the grade boundaries, see our Course Results page. 

For every virtual classroom CIP course, the final letter grade is calculated based on a class mark out of 100 and a final exam mark out of 200. Actual exam marks will not be published.

The class mark always includes a midterm exam worth 60%, and the remainder of the marks are made up of a combination of tests and assignments, at the instructor’s discretion. Your instructor will provide you with a course outline at the first class and advise you on how 40% of your class mark will be allocated.

To pass the course, you must achieve a final grade of D or above. A grade of D means that you have achieved a minimum of 55% (110 marks out of 200) on your exam and 60% (180 marks out of 300) on the course overall.

To obtain Honours (H), you must achieve a minimum of 80% (160/200) on your exam and 80% (240/300) on the course overall.

For example:
• If you receive a class mark of 60% (60/100) and the required minimum final exam mark of 55% (110/200) – a total combination mark of 170/300 – you will not receive a passing mark for the course, because you did not achieve the minimum required 60% (180/300) needed to pass the course.
• If you receive a class mark of 90% (90/100) and a final exam mark of 53% (106/200) – a total combination mark of 65%, or 196/300, more than the minimum 180 marks required – you will not receive a passing mark for the course, because you did not achieve the required minimum 55% on the final exam.

If you fail on your first attempt and require a rewrite, your final grade will be based only on your rewrite exam score; the class marks will not be carried over. Rewrite exams are to be written in the next session. Permission must be obtained from the Registrar to defer the exam rewrite. Refer to the Examinations section for information about rewrites.

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