Independent Study

This option provides the flexibility of independent study with tutorial support in addition to your core course materials. Independent study is ideal if:

  • You prefer self-directed study.
  • If you need to be able to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments.

Enrol in an independent study course now

What's included

Independent study registration includes the following:

  • Examination
  • Tuition
  • Textbook(s)
  • Membership (if not already renewed)

Note: membership to your local institute is required to register in our Designation and Certificate Program courses

How It Works

After registering, you will

  • An order confirmation e-mail with a receipt containing important dates and deadlines
  • Your course study materials by mail within 5-10 business days & a shipment tracking e-mail.
  • An Independent Study information sheet included with your study materials outlining important policies, deadlines, and next steps.
  • An exam booking confirmation e-mail outlining your examination date, time and/or location (Examination details are also available under the “My Courses” area on your member account).

Registration Periods and Deadlines

Period/Deadline December Exams April Exams July Exams
Early Registration May 1 - July 31 Sept 1 - Nov 30 Dec 1 - Feb 28
Standard Registration Aug 1 - Sept 30 Dec 1 - Jan 31 March 1 - Apr 30
Withdrawal/Transfer Deadline Sept 30 Jan 31 May 31
Test Paper Received at Institute Sept 30 Jan 31 Apr 30

Optional test papers

Enrollment in an independent study course allows you to complete and submit a minimum of two optional test papers for marking by the deadlines listed above. The tests can be found:

  • in the textbook itself (if the text does not have an accompanying student resource guide); or
  • in the student resource guide.

By submitting and completing a minimum of two (2) tests by the appropriate deadline above, you are eligible to receive a maximum of 10 marks toward your final grade.

Test paper answers must be completed in MS Word format and sent as an attachment to Please include in the top corner of the first page your member number, test number, and course in the subject (e.g., 180274; Test 2; C12).

Note: Late submission of test papers will not be accepted. You will not receive any marks for answers copied directly from the textbook.

Graded test papers will be returned by e-mail approximately 2-3 weeks from the exam session start date.


You must obtain at least 55% on your final exam and a minimum final grade of 60% in order to pass the course. A minimum of 80% is required on the final exam to achieve an Honours mark.

The final exam for Independent Study learners is marked out of 200. Your final grade will be: (final exam mark) + (test mark) = (total)/200.

If you do not submit/complete the test papers, your final grade will be based solely on your final examination, out of 200 possible marks.

For example, from two test submissions, you earn 7/10. You  need a minimum mark of 113/200 on the final exam to receive a pass mark (i.e., 113+7=120 marks out of 200, or 60%).


For more information on course grades, click here.

For more information on examinations rules and regulations, as well as withdrawal and transfer policies, please visit the Examinations Rules and Regulations section.

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