Independent Study

This option provides the flexibility of independent study with tutorial support in addition to your core course materials. Independent study is ideal if you prefer self-directed study or if you need to be able to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments. Independent study is an excellent way to continue your professional development and earn a CIP designation. Students receive all materials by mail, and all subsequent communication with the Institute, including submission of tests, is via email. Independent study students write the same national exam as classroom and virtual classroom students.


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How It Works

After registering, you will receive your course materials by mail within two weeks. Course materials are complete in themselves and cover the subject as required for the final examination. Many courses, such as the mandatory and Applied Professional series courses, include an online tutorial with supplementary learning and practice material. Approximately two weeks before the final exam, you will receive an examination timetable indicating the exam centre address and the date and time of the exam. The examination centre location will also be available under the “My Current Courses” area on the website.

Registration Periods and Deadlines

Period/Deadline December Exams April Exams July Exams
Early Registration May 1 - July 31 Sept 1 - Nov 30 Dec 1 - Feb 28
Standard Registration Aug 1 - Sept 30 Dec 1 - Jan 31 March 1 - Apr 30
Withdrawal/Transfer Deadline Sept 30 Jan 31 May 31
Test Paper Received at Institute Sept 30 Jan 31 Apr 30

What’s Included

Independent study registration fees include the following:

• Examination fee
• Cost of tuition
• Course textbook
• Student Resource Guide: Self-Assessment and Practice Workbook (Mandatory and Applied Professionals Courses)
• Online Tutorial (Mandatory and Applied Professionals Courses)

Note that a membership to your local institute is required in addition to the registration fees.


Each text includes several tests that you may complete and submit for comments and evaluation. The tests are OPTIONAL, but marks awarded on these tests may count toward the final result. By submitting a minimum of TWO tests prior to the session registration deadline, you are eligible to receive a maximum of 10 marks toward your final grade.


If you earn bonus marks from test submissions, you must obtain at least 55% of the marks in the final exam and an aggregate of 60% in order to pass. A minimum of 80% is required on the final exam to achieve an Honours mark. For example, from two test submissions, you earn 7/10. You  need a minimum mark of 113/200 on the final exam to receive a pass mark (i.e., 113+7=120 marks out of 200, or 60%).


If you choose not to submit tests you will be graded on the final exam alone. You must earn 60% to pass and 80% to obtain an Honours grade.

Independent Study and Classroom Learning: Transfer Options

The local Insurance Institutes develop long-term schedules of CIP courses to help students plan their education. These schedules are subject to change, however, if suitable instructors cannot be identified or if students do not register in sufficient numbers. To avoid missing the opportunity to write an examination in these circumstances, students may register in an independent study course and transfer to a classroom course, for the same subject, later in the session without incurring administration charges.

Two conditions apply:

1. The classroom final examination must be scheduled for the same session as the independent study course examination.

2. The student must pay the tuition cost of the classroom course but will not be required to pay the examination fee or purchase the text, as the independent study course fee includes both these items.

The Institute will refund the tuition portion of the independent study course fee. Transferring to independent study registration from a classroom course is not permitted. Contact our Member Services Team if you’d like more information on the transfer options.

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