Classroom Learning

Classroom instruction is offered through local institutes, chapters, and some community colleges and universities across the country. Courses include approximately 36 hours of instruction. During the semester students complete a midterm examination and other graded assessments, which are combined in a final class mark. Your final course grade is based on a combination of the class mark and the final examination mark.

Classroom learning is ideal if
• You prefer face-to-face interactions with an instructor and other students
• You can get to the class location to attend in person for each class

What’s Included

Classroom learning registration fees include the following:

• Examination fee
• Cost of tuition
• Course textbook
• Access to online learning resources such as summaries, quizzes, and practice questions 

Please note that membership of your local institute is required in addition to your course registration fees.

How It Works

After you have registered, you can pick up your textbook in person at your local Institute prior to the beginning of the course. Your class will take place in person on a scheduled date and time. In addition to the activities your instructor leads during the class, you will have access to other learning resources through a course web page. Tests, assignments and the midterm exam may also be delivered through the course web page, depending on your instructor.

The final examination uses a different platform and separate procedures – please review our Examinations section for full details.

Depending on the number of students and the availability of instructors, not all courses will be offered as classroom learning in all locations. Independent study is available for courses not offered locally.

Contact your local Institute or Chapter for current classroom learning courses, schedule, locations, textbook distribution, and registration information. If you have any questions or if there is anything the Insurance Institute can help you with, please speak to a Member Services Associate toll-free at 1-866-362-8585, or email us at

Please note that withdrawal and refund policies for classroom tuition are subject to the rules and guidelines of each facility or institution. The Insurance Institute will withdraw the examination registration and refund the fee if notice is received prior to the exam entry deadline for the appropriate session. An administration charge applies; see the Fee Schedule for details. No refunds will be made after the exam entry deadline. Late-entry and extra-late-entry fees are non-refundable.

Grading and Exams

Final course grades are issued as letter grades. For details of the grade boundaries, see our Course Results page. 

For every classroom CIP course, the final letter grade is calculated based on a class mark out of 100 and a final exam mark out of 200. Actual exam marks will not be published.

The class mark always includes a midterm exam worth 60%, and the remainder of the marks are made up of a combination of tests and assignments, at the instructor’s discretion. Your instructor will provide you with a course outline at the first class and advise you on how 40% of your class mark will be allocated.

To pass the course, you must achieve a final grade of D or above. A grade of D means that you have achieved a minimum of 55% (110 marks out of 200) on your exam and 60% (180 marks out of 300) on the course overall.

To obtain Honours (H), you must achieve a minimum of 80% (160/200) on your exam and 80% (240/300) on the course overall.

For example:
• If you receive a class mark of 60% (60/100) and the required minimum final exam mark of 55% (110/200) – a total combination mark of 170/300 – you will not receive a passing mark for the course, because you did not achieve the minimum required 60% (180/300) needed to pass the course.
• If you receive a class mark of 90% (90/100) and a final exam mark of 53% (106/200) – a total combination mark of 65%, or 196/300, more than the minimum 180 marks required – you will not receive a passing mark for the course, because you did not achieve the required minimum 55% on the final exam.

If you fail on your first attempt and require a rewrite, your final grade will be based only on your rewrite exam score; the class marks will not be carried over. Rewrite exams are to be written in the next session. Permission must be obtained from the Registrar to defer the exam rewrite. Refer to the Examinations section for information about rewrites.

Classroom and Independent Study: Transfer Options

In some semesters, if a classroom instructor is not available or there are insufficient numbers of students to form a class, a course may initially be offered through Independent Study only. In these cases, to avoid missed opportunities or administrative charges, you can register for Independent Study and then transfer to a classroom course, for the same subject, if one becomes available later in the session.

Two conditions apply:

1. The classroom final examination must be scheduled for the same session as the independent study course examination.

2. You must pay the tuition cost of the classroom course but will not be required to pay the examination fee or purchase the text, as the independent study course fee includes both these items.

The Institute will refund the tuition portion of the independent study course fee. Transferring to independent study registration from a classroom course is not permitted. Contact our Member Services team if you’d like more information on the transfer option.