A300: Critical Thinking for Insurance Professionals (Winter 2024)

Success in business can be linked to three core skills:
• Critical thinking
• Problem solving
• Strong communications

Taking this course will help you strengthen these skills, within the context of the p&c insurance industry. Industry-specific content will help you gain important business insights, acquire the art of persuasion and hone your problem solving skills, preparing you for your next career move.

• Develop Your Thinking
• Broaden Your Perspective
• Notice Assumptions
• Read, Listen, and View Critically
• Be Creative and Curious
• Identify and Investigate a Challenge
• Hold the Tension
• Resolve Challenges Using Critical Thinking
• Communicate Effectively: Choose Your Words Carefully
• Communicate Effectively in Writing
• Communicate Effectively in Presentations

Course materials include a course pack with learning activities and an undergraduate-level textbook.

Evaluation for this course will include participation in online discussion, assignments, and a final assessment.
• Weekly participation in online discussions
• Assignments
• A final assessment (a written assignment)

All evaluated work is delivered and submitted through the course web page on our e-learning website.

Length: One term (13 weeks).

Delivery: Facilitated online learning. There is no weekly live class, but all students follow the same weekly schedule for readings, assignments, and graded online discussions. Students should plan to log in to the course website at least twice a week to participate in the graded discussions. The course facilitator provides guidance and grades student work.

Time commitment: About 8–10 hours per week to complete readings, assignments, discussion and other activities.

This course has been developed at an introductory undergraduate level and is designed to build on knowledge acquired in completing the CIP program. Students wishing to take this course who do not have a CIP should have industry experience and may need to make additional efforts in order to get the most from the course.


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