Advanced CIP

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Critical thinking and how to apply it is one of the most important skills a p&c insurance professional needs to excel and succeed. The Advanced CIP will help you leverage and build on the knowledge you gained in the CIP program, putting your career on the fast track to advancement.

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Find out more about the Advanced CIP certificate and the courses that are tailored to the needs of p&c insurance professionals

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Program courses

A300: Critical Thinking for Insurance Professionals

Strengthen your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, using content that relates to the p&c insurance industry.
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A310: Business Foundations for Insurance Professionals

Enhance your understanding of the p&c insurance industry within the context of business.
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A340: Applied Business Practices in Insurance

Examine how insurance professionals from the three core disciplines apply the tools of their trade at an advanced level.
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One eligible CIP elective

Must be taken after completion of the CIP program. See eligible electives here →.



Flexible weekly schedule


The program is entirely online, and each week you can complete the 8-10 hours of participation and study required when it fits your schedule.

High-level skills employers value


Building on your CIP knowledge, you'll gain greater problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills, becoming better equipped to make contributions to decision-making in all areas of insurance.

More opportunities for career advancement


Add the letters ACIP to your signature and boost your credentials. Completing the Advanced CIP also allows you to apply for the prestigious FCIP program, whether or not you have a university degree.