Our Advertising

Recognition and Promotion of the CIP and FCIP Designations

Insurance industry trade advertising

We are committed to building awareness of the value of the CIP and FCIP designations among many stakeholders, including those already in the insurance industry and their employers.

We advertise in the following industry publications:

Canadian Underwriter
Canadian Insurance Top Broker
Claims Canada
Thompson’s World Insurance News


BC Broker
Sask Broker
Manitoba Broker
BC Insurance Directory
Prairies Insurance Directory
Le Journal de Assurance

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Consumer advertising and BeAssured.ca

As part of our commitment to graduates, the Insitute advertises to buyers of home, car and business insurance. All consumer ads, either print or digital, drive the viewer to BeAssured microsite which promotes the designation to both consumers and trade professionals. We need to impress upon the insurance-buying public the importance of choosing an educated professional who understands the industry and knows how to better meet the needs of their clients. 

We advertise in the following publications:

Canadian Business
Corporate Risk Canada


Report on Business
Les Affaires
• Various regional business publications, newspapers, radio and TV stations

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Listen to our CIP radio ad (.mp3)

Your CIP Story as a podcast

From time to time the Insurance Institute has "audition calls" for contribution to our podcast series. Auditions for the 2017 podcast are now closed. We thank all those who submitted an audition. If you missed the deadline for this year, do send us your auditions for future podcasts to podcast@insuranceinstitute.ca. The podcasts are distributed on iTunes and Google Play.