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The CIP designation can bring in an extra $8,000 a year - CI-Top Broker, August 18, 2015 [Online]
Institute to offer new courses for CIP grads - Thompson's World Insurance News, July 6, 2015 [PDF]
Insurance Institute to offer new certification programs - Insurance Business, June 19, 2015 [Online]
• Managing Cyber Threats - Canadian Underwriter, May 2015 [Online]
Cyber risk implications in Canadian insurance - CI-Top Broker, May 29, 2015 [Online]
• Lack of cyber data a current barrier to more comprehensive offerings - Canadian Underwriter, May 29, 2015 [Online]
• Reporting requirements, new view of cyber risk can help build resiliency - Canadian Underwriter, May 29, 2015 [Online]
Institute aiming to establish cyber risk framework - Thompson's World Insurance News, May 25, 2015 [PDF]
• Insurance Institute of Canada report encourages p&c organizations to build cyber resiliency; cites business opportunity in expanding coverage - Canadian Underwriter, May 19, 2015 [Online]
• Shutting down the power grid via cyberspace could occur within five to 10 years, new cyber risk report suggests - Canadian Underwriter, May 19, 2015 [Online]
Mentoring resource - Insurance People, March 2015 [PDF]
IBC, Institute offering anti-fraud seminars - Thompson's World Insurance News, March 2, 2015 [PDF]
Fraud seminars to raise awareness - Insurance Business, February 25, 2015 [Online]
• Insurance Institute, IBC host fraud seminars in five Canadian cities in March - Canadian Underwriter, February 24, 2015 [Online]
Institute explores new trends - Thompson's World Insurance News, January 26, 2015 [PDF]
Rebooting Education - Canadian Underwriter, January 2015 [PDF]
Insurance Institute's 2015 Convocation and Awards Night - CI-Top Broker, January 23, 2015 [Online]
Insurers must cover more catastrophes worldwide or risk being replaced by governments: CEO - Canadian Underwriter, January 20, 2015 [Online]
• Insurance Institute launches new mentoring initiative - Canadian Underwriter, January 16, 2015 [Online]
Institute set to launch new app - Thompson's World Insurance News, January 12, 2015 [PDF]
Mentor program aimed at advancing talent - Thompson's World Insurance News, January 12, 2015 [PDF]
Institute launching new mentoring resource - Thompson's World Insurance News, January 5, 2015 [PDF]


Former Ontario HUB CEO tapped to chair board - Insurance Business, November 14, 2014 [Online]
• Insurance Institute elects new chair of board of governors - Canadian Underwriter, November 12, 2014 [Online]
Institute offering program for executives - Thompson's World Insurance News, November 10, 2014 [PDF]
Innovations in licensing - Insurance People, November 2014 [PDF]
Lepine, Oldfield, Osti win leadership awards - Insurance People, November 2014 [PDF]
FCIP Grads - Insurance People, November 2014 [PDF]
Metrolinx risk manager addresses Lowes event - Thompson's World Insurance News, November 3, 2014 [PDF]
• Lessons from Metrolinx on risk management - Insurance Business, October 30, 2014 [Online]
Insurance Institute of Ontario announces insurance education fund scholarship recipients - Canadian Underwriter, October 29, 2014 [Online]
The Insurance Institute sends brokers back to school - CI-Top Broker, October 2014 [Online]
Metrolinx manager to talk risk Oct. 29 - Insurance Business, October 16, 2014 [Online]
Moves & Views – Canadian Underwriter, October 2014 [PDF]
Insurance Institute to start computer-based CIP exams, program for non-insurance leaders – Canadian Underwriter, September 26, 2014 [Online]
Institute plans new programs - Thompson's World Insurance News, September 29, 2014 [PDF]
CIP Society announces National leadership Award honourees for 2014 - Canadian Underwriter, September 17, 2014 [Online]
Institute names first-track grads - Thompson's World Insurance News, September 15, 2014 [PDF]
First of the new-track FCIP grads announced - Insurance Business, September 4, 2014 [Online]
Partnering for Success – Insurance People, September 2014 [Online-Page 72]
A New Recipe for Developing Leaders – HRPA Today, August 1, 2014 [Online]
Who to ask? – Canadian Underwriter, August 2014 [PDF]
How do we grow and nurture young talent? - Insurance Business, June 2014 [Online-Video]
New FCIP program draws high praise from graduates - Thompson's World Insurance News, June 23, 2014 [PDF]
Training a new generation of insurance professionals - Insurance Business, June 2014 [Online]
The next generation - Insurance Business, June 2014 [Online-Video]
Get Smart - Canadian Underwriter, May 2014 [PDF]
Capitalizing on Change – Canadian Underwriter, May 2014 [PDF]
Coincidental Run-in - Canadian Underwriter, May 2014 [PDF]
UK resident earns CIP - Insurance People, May 2014 [PDF]
• Crawford Canada CEO urges industry to work with competitors on overland flooding - Canadian Underwriter, May 14, 2014 [PDF]
The best laid plans - CI-Top Broker, May 14, 2014 [Online]
CEO addressing Institute – Thompson's World Insurance News, May 12, 2014 [PDF]
Telematics bringing fundamental change - Thompson's World Insurance News, April 2014 [PDF]
Insurers' efforts go unrecognized - Thompson's World Insurance News, April 2014 [PDF]
• Carriers 'mitigating' flood exposure after 2013 Alberta disaster: Western Financial CEO - Canadian Underwriter, April 2014 [Online]
Industry needs common ground on flood insurance: CIP Symposium – CI-Top Broker, April 2014 [Online]
• Insurance industry must carefully consider consumer needs: Swiss Re Canada CEO - Canadian Underwriter, April 2014 [Online]
• Desjardins expects some big players to be part of insurance landscape in the future - Canadian Underwriter, April 2014 [Online]
Big data holds risks, opportunities: CIP Symposium speakers - CI-Top Broker, April 2014 [Online]
People First - Canadian Underwriter, April 2014 [PDF]
CIP Society--Annual Fellows' Reception - Canadian Underwriter, April 2014 [PDF]
Brokers need to focus message on cyber liability: Marsh CEO - Insurance Business, April 2014 [Online]
Hidden Talent - Canadian Underwriter, January 2014 [PDF]


• 2013 Education Awards - Telegraph Journal/Times & Transcript, November 2013 [PDF]
• Youth movement on rise in Canada's insurance industry - Globe & Mail, November 2013 [PDF]
• Instructor Certification Program: learning how to educate - Insurance West, November 2013 [PDF] 
• Best foot forward: Brand and reputation in the P&C sector – Claims Canada, October/November 2013 [PDF]  
Value in consistency - Canadian Underwriter, October 2013 [PDF]
• Learning best practices - Canadian Insurance-Top Broker, July 2013 [PDF]
Insurance career possibilities becoming more visible - Thompson's World Insurance News, July 2013 [PDF];


Professional development key to success in a demanding industry - Insurance West, November 2012 [PDF]


Media Releases



IIC elects new board, November 2014 [PDF]
FCIP Grads, November 2014 [PDF]
Metrolinx risk manager to speak about transit risk and insurance, October 2014 [PDF]
It's Time to Recognize Our Industry Leaders , September 2014 [PDF]
Institute celebrates its first new-track FCIP grads, September 2014 [PDF]
It's time to recognize our Industry leaders, March 2014 [PDF]


2013 GTA Fellow of Distinction Award recipients, December 2013 [PDF]
Insurance Institute of Canada elects new board members, November 2013 [PDF]
2013 Lowes Fund Scholarship recipients, October 2013 [PDF]
Lowes Fund Breakfast, October 2013 [PDF]
National Leadership Awards, September 2013 [PDF]
FCIP Self-Assessment Quiz, September 2013 [PDF]
Real-world challenges examined by FCIP candidates, June 2013 [PDF]
Well educated insurance people deliver better customer service, say Canadians, February 2013 [PDF]
Findings reveal industry recruitment has alleviated pending retirements, but is it enough?, February 2013 [PDF]
Senior industry executives highlight benefits of FCIP program, January 2013 [PDF]


•  Demographic Research seminars coming soon, November 2012 [PDF]
•  Insurance professionals provided a foundation for innovative and proactive solutions to emerging issues, Oct 2012 [PDF]
•  CIP Society announces 2012 National Leadership Award recipients, September 2012 [PDF]
•  Launch of new adjuster training program to fill knowledge gap: Understanding Serious Injury, February 2012 [PDF]
•  Insurance professionals to lock in and turn the key to success (National Education Week 2012), Jan 2012 [PDF]

2011 and before

•  The business of insurance: why ERM knowledge is vital for insurance industry leaders, October 2011 [PDF]
•  CIP Society announces the 2011 National Leadership Award Recipients, September 2011 [PDF]
•  Forecasted financial knowledge gap for future industry leaders addressed by Insurance Institute, April 2011 [PDF]
•  A celebration of education in the insurance industry, March 2011 [PDF]
•  The CIP Society introduces the 2010 National Leadership Award Recipients, September 2010 [PDF]
•  Tomorrow’s industry leaders begin strategic preparation, September 2010 [PDF]
•  National Education Week 2010 a success, March 2010 [PDF]
•  New FCIP opens for registration in June, March 2010 [PDF]
•  Second annual Insurance Institute National Education Week, Jan 2010 [PDF]
•  Insurance Institute to launch new FCIP Program in 2010, November 2009 [PDF]
•  CIP Society National Leadership Award Winners, October 2009 [PDF]
•  A Demographic Analysis Part II: Recruitment and Retention Issues in the P&C Insurance Industry in Canada, 2009 [PDF]
•  First ever Insurance Institute National Education Week, January 2009 [PDF]
•  Largest Participation to Date in “Feed the Minds of Youth”, November 2008 [PDF]
•  Insurance Institute Launches First Ever National Billboard Campaign, June 2008 [PDF]
•  Final Report Released: A demographic analysis of the P&C insurance industry in Canada 2007 to 2017, May 2008 [PDF]

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