Complaint Procedure Overview

Complaint procedure overview

If you have experienced unwanted behaviour that falls within The Insurance Institute of Canada’s Human Rights Policy, you may seek assistance or guidance from the Human Rights Officer.

Informal complaint procedure

Step 1:

Notify the individual involved in the unwanted behaviour that the behaviour is unwelcome, unless this course of action is unreasonable based to the circumstances of the behaviour.

Step 2:

If the complaint is not resolved, contact the Human Rights Officer with details of the incident.

Step 3:

The Human Rights Officer will attempt to facilitate a resolution with both parties.

If the informal process does not resolve the issue, you may file a formal complaint with the Human Rights Officer within six (6) months from the date of the incident.

Formal complaint procedure

Step 1:

Submit a written formal complaint to the Human Rights Officer, including complete details of the incident(s), with any supporting documentation and including a list of witnesses (if any).

Step 2:

If the Human Rights officer determines that the complaint does not fall within the IIC Human Rights Policy, the Human Rights Officer will notify you in writing.

Step 3:

If the Human Rights Officer determines that the behaviour falls within the IIC Human Rights Policy, the Human Rights Officer will share the formal complaint with the respondent, who will be given an opportunity to respond.

Step 4:

The Human Rights Officer or a Designate will complete an investigation of the complaint within 30 working days (or longer, if circumstances warrant an extension).

Step 5:

The Human Rights Officer or a Designate will produce a written report of the findings of the investigation.

Step 6:

The IIC will decide on and implement an appropriate sanction or remedial action.


Please contact the Human Rights Officer if you have a question or complaint related to the IIC’s Human Rights Policy: