The Institute is committed to taking every precaution reasonable for the protection of the health and safety of employees, members, and visitors from the hazard of COVID-19. While government is loosening COVID-19-related restrictions, the pandemic is not over. The virus continues to spread in our communities and represents a serious health risk. Below you will find information on what this means to you, our members and guests – and how you can help keep our communities safe.

The Institute has several measures in place to mitigate the risks of COVID:

Face masks

We strongly recommend wearing a mask while visiting the Institute.

Proof of vaccination

No longer required.

Physical distancing

Classrooms and examination rooms have been reconfigured to ensure that there is approximately 2 meters/6 feet between seats, wherever possible. Please respect any distance markings posted in our common areas.

Hand sanitizer/cleaning supplies

Hand sanitizer and cleaning/disinfectant supplies are located in all classrooms, reception and common areas.


Informational and instructional signage are posted throughout Institute premises.

Staff training

Staff have been and will continue to receive training on best practices to mitigate the risks of COVID.

The virus continues to evolve, and these protocols may need to change depending on scientific and medical advice.

IIC students and instructors have shared stories of how their lives changed during the pandemic. Read about their experiences on our Student Strong page.