Information for students

The Institute has been active in the insurance industry for over a century. We are well equipped to support your learning, whether you are an experienced professional or an industry newcomer. 
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Your learning partner

The Institute offers flexible learning options, opportunities for financial support and clear academic policies that protect the quality of your learning experience. 
Learning options

Choose the learning delivery mode that complements your schedule.

Academic policies

Understand the Institute’s academic policies before you commit.

Technical requirements

Ensure you have the equipment to participate in our online courses and exams.

Get to know us

As a student of the Insurance Institute, you can enjoy many benefits. It is also important that you understand your obligations. Here are a few key points you need to know.
Academic integrity

Before committing to a course of study, make sure you’ve read our academic integrity policy.

Scholarships and prizes

Look into our many opportunities for financial assistance.

Brokers and Agents
Code of ethics

The Institute’s Code of Ethics is applicable to all graduates of the our designation programs, including all members eligible for election.

CIP Society

Once you attain your CIP designation, you become a member of the CIP Society, the professional association representing graduates of the Institute's CIP and FCIP programs.
The CIP Society gives you access to professional development opportunities, information services, networking events, and our digital badge program. 

CIP Proud

We regularly follow up with CIP grads to hear their experiences and advice for new students

Full-time students

If you are studying with the Institute as part of a full-time university or college program, you can find exam schedules, study tips, career guidance and more on our Full-time students page.

Student resources