Virtually proctored exams

How virtual proctoring works

Students who opt to take their exams online will connect to their exam using a personal computer or laptop in a location of their choice. They will be monitored by a live proctor throughout the exam via their webcam and microphone. The entire exam session will be recorded, and any unusual behaviour will be flagged. Students are expected to abide by the Requirements and Rules. The proctor can offer support to troubleshoot any technical issues if necessary.

The proctor's responsibilities

  • To verify the student’s identity by comparing the student on the screen to the photo in the submitted government-issued photo ID
  • Confirm the name of the examination that is being taken
  • Review and explain the exam rules and regulations 
  • Ensure there are no study resources and materials in the examination room
  • Lock down certain settings on the student’s computer
  • Troubleshoot and solve technical issues as needed
  • Release the exam to the student
  • Monitor the student throughout the session
  • Investigate, note, and warn the student if unpermitted behaviour is detected
  • Verify the exam is submitted successfully
  • Assist student in exiting the exam platform

System requirements

Before exam day, students will have the opportunity to test their computer to ensure it meets the necessary specifications. Students will need to download and install ProctorU's Guardian Browser before exam day and some additional software during the exam set up process on exam day. 

Equipment list and technical requirements

  • Personal laptop or computer with the ability to download software (mobile devices, Chromebooks or tablets, inactive versions of Windows and test builds/test mode are not supported). Check What Operating Systems/Devices Are Supported?
  • Microphone and webcam (headset microphones are not permitted).
  • An Internet connection with at least 1Mbps upload and 1.5Mbps download speed. Take a speed test.

Avoid internet disconnection

Use the best Internet connection possible. A connection failure or interruption can interfere with or even end the exam session. Helpful steps to avoid disconnection:

  • Use a wired Internet connection rather than Wi-Fi.
  • If using Wi-Fi, tell other household members not to use the Internet during the exam duration. Position desk and computer/laptop as close to the router as possible.
  • Disconnect any VPNs; ProctorU virtual proctoring service does not work with VPN connections.

Read more about equipment requirements and troubleshooting:

Equipment requirements 

Online proctoring browser FAQs

Using a work computer

It is strongly recommended that students use a personal computer/laptop to take their exam. Students must be able to download and install ProctorU’s Guardian Browser and a LogMeIn chat application. Work computers/laptops are often incompatible with ProctorU’s systems and prevent software downloading and installation due to firewalls, security features, updates, etc.

If using a work computer/laptop is unavoidable, below are some additional configuration recommendations to reduce the risk of technical issues.

  • Disable any applicable browser or internet firewall settings.
  • Disconnect any Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensure desktop sharing or remote desktop applications are closed and disabled.
  • Ensure that the computer is not using a web browser with proprietary security settings established by the company.
  • Disable notifications (emails, meeting requests, etc.) on any email accounts before initiating the check-in process.
  • Disable any applicable software designed to record or monitor the screen.
  • Disable any content filters that may interfere with the launch of the exam.
  • Ensure the appropriate user rights are enabled on the computer necessary to download and install applications.
  • Use the latest instructions to download and install the Guardian Browser.
  • Check the Guardian Browser Client Port/Protocol and Allow List Information.

Before exam day, it is strongly recommended that the student contacts their organization’s IT support representative to ensure the changes have been made.

Students should note that passing the ProctorU system check and completing all the steps above does not guarantee the work computer/laptop will successfully download the Guardian Browser and/or the LogMeIn chat application on exam day. Additionally, successfully downloading the Guardian Browser and/or the LogMeIn chat application in advance of exam day does not guarantee that the exam will successfully launch. Using a work computer/laptop is done at the student’s own risk and there may be a fee to reschedule if the exam fails to launch successfully.

Student privacy

The Insurance Institute of Canada has an agreement with the third-party proctoring service provider regarding protecting the privacy of the recordings and other personal information.

The student’s photo and the photo of their government-issued photo ID are destroyed by ProctorU within 7 days of the exam. The recording of the exam session is retained for up to 2 years in case of a dispute and is then destroyed.

Students can consult ProctorU’s Privacy Policy, Student Bill of Rights and Terms of Service for more information.

Student bill of rights

Privacy policy

Terms of service

Steps to complete before exam day

  1. Download the Guardian Browser. The exam uses the Guardian Browser (and not the ProctorU extension). Read the printable PDF IIC Guardian Browser Student Guide for step-by-step instructions to download the Guardian Browser before exam day and how to use it on exam day. On exam day, students will also be required to install a small application to complete the connection to their proctor.
  2. Students should log in to the IIC Exam Portal using their Member ID and password. Click “Test It out” at the bottom of the page to test equipment. If the Guardian Browser has not been installed in advance, students will be asked to install it before testing their equipment. Webcam and microphone must be set to the camera and microphone that will be used for the exam session. Headsets cannot be used during the exam. Students are encouraged to test their system well in advance of the exam and again within 4 hours of the exam start time.
  3. Prepare the room that will be used for the exam. Read about Unpermitted Testing Locations (available in English only). Watch the Candidate Experience Video for more information.

If the student does not meet the system requirements or cannot access a suitable computer, they can write an in-person exam.

What to expect on exam day

Students do not need a ProctorU account or the ProctorU extension to take their IIC exam.

To access your exam, students will need:

IIC Member ID and Password to log in to the IIC Exam Portal

Name of the exam they are writing

Original, valid (not expired) government-issued photo ID

The Guardian Browser already downloaded

10 minutes before the scheduled exam start time, students should log in to the IIC Exam Portal and click “Launch exam” when the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00. The Guardian Browser that was previously downloaded and installed will open, granting access to the exam.

Watch the Test-Taker Experience video and read more information about Exam Day (What to expect). Remember, students should not create a ProctorU account.

Exam identification

Students will be asked to display original, valid (not expired) government-issued photo identification. The system will take a photo of the ID and of the student’s face using the student’s computer camera. The proctor will compare the student’s face to the photo on the ID and confirm that the name on the exam booking matches the name on the ID.

Exam rules for virtually proctored exams

Before the start of the exam, the student’s desk and exam area must be clear of any prohibited materials such as cell/Smart phones, books, headphones, notes, food or drinks. For a list of prohibited items, students should refer to the Requirements and rules for writing an exam.

Once the exam begins the student will be monitored and recorded. The following are considered breaches of exams rules and may result in disqualification from the exam and suspension of exams privileges:

  • Using or accessing any devices that can be used to store or transmit information during the exams and while on a break, such as books, notes, cell phones, cameras, smartwatches, etc.
  • Repeatedly/excessively looking off screen
  • Obstruction of the face with anything such as papers or hands
  • Speaking to someone else in the room
  • Speaking, whispering, or singing in any language
  • Moving outside of camera view, turning off the camera, or turning off the microphone
  • Interacting with another person, other than the proctor, in any way
  • Accessing any content, software applications, or websites during the exams other than the exams platform
  • Excessive noise in the environment or playing music
  • Purposefully disconnecting from the exams

Students must comply with any instructions given by the proctor. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the exam and suspension of your exam privileges.

Exam misconduct

If suspicious activity is identified, the proctor will intervene and issue an incident report to the Institute for appropriate action, as per the Requirements and rules for writing an exam.

Important things to remember

Clicking the Launch Exam button does not start the exam, it starts the onboarding process for the proctoring service. On average it takes 5 to 15 minutes to connect to a proctor, but it may take as much as 45 minutes during busy times. Students should be patient and not refresh their screens.

  • Perform a system test approximately 4 hours before the scheduled exam time.
  • Allow a minimum of four hours from start to finish as it may take some time to set up and connect to a proctor.
  • Shut down all programs and restart the computer before launching the exam and starting the onboarding process.
  • Connect to the Internet via a wired connection (i.e. Ethernet connection), if possible. Wi-Fi connections generally carry a higher risk of disruption.


For technical assistance before connecting to a proctor, students can contact ProctorU by phone at 1-855-772-8678, Option 1 or click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page to connect with ProctorU Support.

Once students start their exam setup process, they will have access to ProctorU’s proctors. The proctors should be the first point of contact if technical issues occur during the exam. Students can contact their proctor by speaking aloud or typing a message in the Proctor chat box. If the box is closed, they can click on the Owl icon in the taskbar or dock to re-open it.

Students should be patient as connecting to a proctor can take several minutes. There is no need to worry about the wait – the exam timer will not start until the setup steps are completed and student starts the exam.

On exam day, students can contact IIC Member Services if they have contacted ProctorU technical support and not found help with these issues:

  • a loss of Internet connection during the setup process leading to the session time expiring
  • technical issues or an inability to complete the setup process

Member Services: 1-866-362-8585 or

Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM ET

IIC will have limited support capability available for test takers on weekends and holidays.