Designing an in-house program

Here are some questions to consider when structuring an in-house mentoring program:

• What mentoring model should the program use?
• Who will the program be open to? 
• Will participation be voluntary or mandatory?
• How will participants (mentors and mentees) be recruited?
• How will mentor objections to participation be addressed/overcome?
• Will mentors and mentees be matched by the organization? Will participants have input into the match?
• What time commitment is expected of participants?
• How long will the mentoring relationships be expected to last?
• What support will you provide for mentors/mentees while they are in the program?
• Will you provide specific training for mentors or mentees? If so, on what topics? Who will run the training?
• Who in the organization is the program sponsor?
• What resources are going to be dedicated to establishing the program and sustaining it?
• Who will administer the program?
• How will the program be monitored? How often?
• How will the success of the program be measured?

Ready, set, go! A checklist for creating an in-house program

Great news! Your organization has decided to create an in-house mentoring program. Here’s a list of major decisions/steps you’ll have to make as you design the program, as well as various tasks that are considered best practices aimed at ensuring the program functions smoothly and provides the desired benefits.

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    In-house checklist (PDF)