Benefits of mentoring relationships

Mentoring is beneficial for a mentee’s professional development, which encompasses two main areas:

Personal development

Mentor and mentee working togetherThis type of development (sometimes referred to as psychosocial development) is aimed at enhancing the mentee’s sense of competence and identity.

Actions of the mentor aimed at promoting the mentee’s personal development can include things like role modelling, acceptance and confirmation, counselling, and friendship. For example, through role modelling mentees can learn how to manage aspects of their personal and professional lives – things like relating to peers and supervisors and strategies for balancing work and family demands. As well, as a result of the mentor’s acceptance, mentees feel nurtured and comfortable enough to try new behaviours and safe enough to raise and seek guidance on personal issues.

Career development

This type of development is aimed at supporting the mentee’s career progress and job performance. It can involve career advancement and helping the mentee learn to navigate within an organization or industry, for example, by honing specific skills, like presentation or networking skills.

It can also be aimed at helping develop management skills, such as managing a team that is diverse in terms of age, experience, or background.

It can also involve career advice and help, such as helping the mentee decide on an educational program that might advance their career, or help with a particular course. Actions of the mentor aimed at helping career development can include things like sponsorship, providing exposure and visibility, protection, and providing challenging assignments.

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