About mentoring

On this website you’ll find relevant, helpful – we’d even go so far as to say inspirational – information about mentoring. We tend to think of it as “mentoring best practices.” We hope you’ll take full advantage of what mentoring has to offer.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information and tools that can help you:

Insurance-education• Determine whether mentoring is right for you – whether you’re thinking you might benefit by being a mentee or you’re considering agreeing to be someone’s mentor;
• Determine whether you’re willing to commit to mentoring;
Set mentoring goals;
• Establish an effective mentoring relationship;
• Maintain a mentoring relationship; and
• Get the most out of a mentoring relationship.

We also have information that companies and organizations will find useful if they are interested in establishing a formal mentoring program, or perhaps rejuvenating an existing program.

Please note that the website does not match individuals for mentoring relationships.

While the Society recognizes that mentoring outcomes rely heavily on successful mentee-mentor matches, we are confident that the tools presented on this site will help both organizations and individuals establish effective relationships. Read about identifying and asking someone to be your mentor or explore match criteria for setting up in-house programs.