Get involved: Opportunities

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Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Insurance Institute and all its local institutes and chapters. No matter which option you choose, you can be certain that you’ll play a vital role in our success, and in the future of the p&c industry. Our more than 1,500 actively engaged members are the people who make it possible to carry out the Institute’s mission and vision. For that, we are extremely grateful.


Instructors are critical to the CIP program, the Institute, and the industry. They support insurance professionals in the process of acquiring the essential, practical, and theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in their insurance careers.

What are the specific requirements of the role?
Instructors develop, deliver and evaluate CIP courses either in the classroom or online. They apply teaching best practices to promote a rewarding learning experience for their students. Instructors are CIP Society members in good standing, who pass the approval process for their local institute or chapter.

What is the goal of the role?
Instructors help students master the material and succeed in their CIP courses.

What do our instructors say?
"Teaching has been a rewarding experience. It has allowed me to give back to the community through educating and mentoring of others so that they can achieve their insurance designations. From this journey, I have gained many new friendships, and the students have further enhanced my learning experience."

Career connections ambassadors

Career Connections Ambassadors are industry professionals who volunteer their time to represent the p&c insurance industry in various educational and professional settings.

What are the specific requirements of the role?
Ambassadors attend classroom presentations at the junior high, high school and post-secondary level; participate in career fairs; and are involved in formal and informal speaking arrangements, including panel discussions, throughout the year.

What is the goal of the role?
The Ambassador program aims to educate students and career changers about insurance principles, the role of insurance in society, and the variety of career possibilities within the insurance industry.

What do our Ambassadors say?
“It’s very rewarding knowing that a little bit of your time can have a lasting impact on someone’s career.”

Subject-matter experts

Subject-matter experts (SMEs) are p&c professionals who volunteer their time to update the Insurance Institute’s program materials (textbooks, online content, and continuing education modules).

What are the specific requirements of the role?
As authors or as members of a task force or advisory group, SMEs review and revise existing content and create new content that reflects emerging issues in insurance. SMEs help to ensure that all areas of a particular topic are represented in a course and work closely with editors and/or instructional designers to revise content as required.

What is the goal of the role?
With the tremendous assistance of SMEs, the Institute is able to provide course materials that are current, relevant, and engaging to the many learners it serves.

What do our SMEs say?
To quote the Dalai Lama: ‘Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.’ I believe that the greatest achievement in one's career is to leave something behind that prepares the next generation for the future. Volunteering as a SME is a great way to pass on what you know.”

Seminar presenters/developers

Seminar presenters are industry professionals who present (and in some cases develop) seminars to our members at local institutes and chapters.

What are the specific requirements of the role?
Presenters prepare for and deliver seminars or webinars on specific topics. Generally a presenter is a subject matter expert within the industry, an excellent communicator and someone willing to share their knowledge. A PowerPoint, lecture, activities and/or discussions are used to engage members in the learning process. The presenter may deliver an existing seminar or work with the Institute’s learning specialist to develop a unique seminar.

What is the goal of the role?
The role of the presenter is to share their expertise and help other industry professionals acquire new knowledge or skills.

Council or committee members

Council and committee members are Institute members who play an advisory and/or governance role on the various councils and committees they sit on.

What are the specific requirements of the role?
Council and committee members meet in person or remotely via teleconference to discuss issues critical to the Institute and the industry.

What is the goal of the role?
Each council or committee will have a specific agenda, and the role of the members is to work with integrity and effectiveness towards moving the agenda forward. Members will need to become acquainted with the history, context and challenges embedded in the issues, and apply critical thinking and decision-making skills to select appropriate courses of action.

Exam proctors

Exam proctors oversee the administration of CIP, GIE and/or Risk Management exams for the examinations department.

What are the specific requirements of the role?
Exam proctors invigilate exams in accordance with the Institute’s exam rules and regulations at local institute and chapter offices; prepare and reset the exam room and computers; and are comfortable with computers to assist students with any concerns while maintaining a calm atmosphere. Exam proctors must be able to work a full day (7+ hours) and available for a minimum of one week of the three week exam period.

What is the goal of the role?
Exam proctors ensure a quiet, secure testing environment that is conducive to students having a fair, positive and successful examination experience.

What do our proctors say?
“My first Institute exams experience was very rewarding! I look forward to repeating it next December as well as other dates.”