Integrative Learning for the P&C Insurance Industry

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About this course

In this final course, you will integrate your learning from the FCIP program. The primary focus is a capstone project, based on a real leadership-level challenge that a p&c insurance organization or the industry experiences. You will prepare a project proposal, carry out the project, and present on the results.
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Topics covered

Course topics focus on practical application of the knowledge and skills developed throughout the FCIP program in support of a final, integrative capstone project. This major project may focus on research and analysis or on implementation of an initiative.

  • Review of Learning from the Previous FCIP Courses
  • Development of a Proposal for the Project
  • Critically Reflective Practice
  • Online Discussion Supporting Project Progress
  • Preparation for Evaluation of the Project

Course goals

In this course, you will be challenged to:

  • Develop a proposal to address a real leadership-level challenge
  • Complete a complex project, building on FCIP program content as well as personal, company, and/or p&c insurance industry experience
  • Relate FCIP program content to your own organizational and professional experience, strengthening understanding, analysis, and decision making
  • Engage with people from other roles and other types of p&c organization to enhance a multifaceted understanding of the Canadian p&c insurance industry
  • Practise critical thinking skills, including reflecting on your experience to increase learning
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate complex information and ideas effectively, including through a presentation


This 8-month course must be the last FCIP course taken and cannot be combined with other FCIP courses. Before registering for F560, you must have successfully completed all five of the following:
  • F510 Strategy in the P&C Insurance Industry
  • F520 Leading in the Insurance World
  • F530 Financial Management for Insurance Leaders
  • F540 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the Insurance Industry
  • F550 Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader

You will also need to submit a letter of agreement from your employer before registering for the course. Details will be provided once you are eligible to register.

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