Discover how far you can take your career.

Have you thought about where your career path is leading you? Do you know what your options are for what's next in your career? Do you know what it'll take to get where you want to go? Understanding where you are, what you want and where you want to go are the first steps to take as you map your career path.

Helping you along the way is the Insurance Institute. We have developed these career resources to help you explore the lateral and vertical opportunities in your organization and the industry. These tools and tips can help to guide you as you map your career and explore education pathways to realize your full professional potential.

It's no secret that working in a job that engages and fulfills you is one of the cornerstones of a happy life. Job satisfaction also tends to lead to better job performance which increases your options as you move forward in your career.

Insurance has a workforce of over 120,000 strong and career paths as diverse as its people.

Watch the videos of 22 industry professionals talking about their career paths. Learn how they mapped their careers, often changing directions along the way. Hear about their career milestones shaped by education and experiences. Appreciate stories of their most memorable moments, their best bosses and the mentors who helped along the way. Get advice that may shape your career perspective and goals … view videos

Mapping your career in insurance. Rewarding.

Over the course of your career, you have likely expanded your skills and built valuable working experience. The Insurance Institute's mycareer program can help you to map your unique skills, your interests, your strengths and work experience along the many career paths in the industry. The Insurance Institute is also here to support you throughout your career with our various programs including professional designations, certificates, continuing education and mentoring.

If you know where you want to take your career, these career maps can guide you there.  If you aren't sure where your career in insurance can lead you, these resources, assessment tools and tip sheets can help you navigate the options and opportunities the industry has to offer. Either way, you'll find an industry that offers progression and possibilities.

Finding your career path