Beyond the CIP Program


Are there current graduates of the program I could connect with?

The graduate community of our organization is called the CIP Society and consists of well over 17,000 designates.  We are thrilled to report that our community is rapidly growing, thanks to increasing numbers of new graduates and a program that is continuously advancing and excelling in education standards, experiences, and ethics.

We also have available an array of regular events, seminars, published articles, and networking events where fellow graduates have the opportunity to connect with one another on the most up-to-date changes, information and resources in the industry. Contact your local institute or chapter manager to find out ways of connecting with fellow graduates.

When can I begin using my CIP designation?

When you successfully complete your final exam in the CIP program, you may be anxious to know when you can begin using your CIP designation. Your grades are posted about five weeks after you write your final exam. You should receive a letter from the CEO of the Insurance Institute congratulating you on your achievement approximately one to two weeks after successfully completing your final course.

Did you know that as a professional association, the Insurance Institute has a board of governors that meet twice annually – once in May for the IIC Executive Meeting, and once in October for the IIC Annual General Meeting? At each of these meetings, the board elects new CIP graduates; that means that after students successfully complete their final exam, they will be “elected” as a graduate at one of these two meetings. Students who successfully complete their exams in the stated exam sessions are permitted to begin using their CIP designation on the following dates:

• December exam session – June 1
• April exam session – June 1
• July exam session – November 1