Examination Rules & Regulations

Examinations are conducted for those students who have received instruction through in-class programs, distance learning, virtual learning, or continued tuition prior to the examination date. Examinations must be written during the semester in which the student receives instruction.

Examinations will be held in April, July and December each year for all students in the CIP Program.

Candidates’ Regulations and Timetable

Student examination timetables, outlining the date and location of the exam, will be available two weeks before the final examination and accessible on the website under "My Current Courses." Students should print the timetable and bring it with them to the examination centre.  Please note that exam centre location information is subject to change up to two weeks prior to the exam.

At the Examination Centre

1. A candidate will be permitted to sit examinations only in subjects for which the candidate has registered with The Insurance Institute and at the date and time scheduled.
2. Candidates may attempt only one examination paper per course, per session. Conflicts in examination times are the responsibility of the candidate and may not be resolved by concurrent or consecutive taking of examinations during the one session. 
3. Candidates who arrive after the starting time of the examination shall be allowed to sit for the unexpired time only, but no candidate may enter the examination room after one half-hour has elapsed from the starting time of the examination.
4. Candidates may not withdraw from the examination room until one half-hour has elapsed from the starting time of the examination.
5. Candidates may only leave the examination room if accompanied by a Proctor or after their attempts at answering have been completed and their exam has been submitted.
6.Course texts, dictionaries, books, notes, papers, translation books or devices, or other matter whatsoever are prohibited from use during the exam and are prohibited in the examination room, washrooms and any accessible area during an examination, as are recording devices, Bluetooth or other reception/transmission devices, cameras, cell phones, smart phones or telephones of any type, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, Blackberrys, iPods, pagers, cellular equipment, iPads, Blackberry Playbooks or other tablets, smartwatches (Apple, Samsung or any make or model), Google eyeglasses or similar devices, and any other electronic device. Candidates may not take photos or make copies, images, or recordings of examinations or answer books before, during, or after the examination at the examination centre.
7. Calculators are permitted for use for paper-based examinations provided they are math-only, non-programmable, silent, and battery operated. Cell phones and other multi-function electronic devices may not be used as calculators. The Proctor at the centre will rule on a calculator's admissibility.
8. Communication of any kind between candidates, or with anyone other than authorized personnel, during the examination is prohibited.
9. Candidates may not use or have in their possession or vicinity any unauthorized or illegitimate materials or information nor make any attempt to obtain or provide such during the examination. Candidates may not provide any information about an examination that they have written to another candidate who is about to write the same examination at the same exam session. Candidates may not hide or place, or arrange to have hidden or placed, any unauthorized or illicit material that may be accessed by themselves or others during an examination.
10. Paper-based examination answer books and question papers must be handed in to the Proctor when the candidate leaves the examination room, together with any paper used for rough work. Rough work and notes may only be made during the examination and only on paper provided at the examination centre.
11. Any breach of regulations 3 through 10 above will result in disqualification and the candidate will not be permitted to register for examinations in any of the next following nine examination sessions. The circumstances will be referred to the candidate’s local institute for disciplinary action additional to the automatic and minimum suspension of registration privileges mentioned herein. Any subsequent breach of regulations 3 through 10 will result in permanent disqualification for all examinations of this Institute.
12. Food, snacks, and beverages may not be consumed by or be in the vicinity of candidates during an examination. (With approval in advance, exceptions may be granted for related medical conditions.)
13. Ensure arrival in the examination room 20 minutes before the scheduled start. Check in with the Proctor and take your place as directed.
14. Prior to the start of the examination, candidates shall place government authorized photo identification (driver’s license, health card, passport) at the top of their table for identity verification, unless directed otherwise.  Candidates will not be permitted to take their exam if they do not have valid government authorized photo identification. Computer-based examination (CBE) candidates without valid government authorized photo identification will be required to reschedule their exam to another date and time, if space permits.
15. Do not begin your examination until so adviosed by the Proctor.
17. For paper-based examinations;
a. Complete the front cover of the answer book, but do not begin writing answers until so advised by the Proctor
b. Answers must be written in black or blue pen (no red pen, gel pen or pencil) and only in the books or paper provided.
c. Candidated will cease writing immediately when time has expired and will hand in their answer books. No time extension is permitted.
18. Candidates writing computer-based will cease typing when time has expired.
19. No persons other than the Proctors and candidates eligible to take the examination shall be present during the session.
20. Candidates must be members in good standing (that is, membership is paid in full) of a local institute.