Sample Exam Formats

To help students prepare for their examinations and understand what markers are looking for in their answers, sample exam questions and model answers are included in the Student Resource Guide and selected textbook appendices.

Numerous courses have similar examination formats. We are pleased to provide samples of examinations to illustrate the various types.

Please Note. As examinations transition from paper-based to computer-based, the Sample Examinations will continue to reflect the structure of the exams (i.e. for many but not all courses, three sections: multiple-choice questions, narrative questions and application questions), however the proportion of the questions in some sections of the exams may vary for some courses.

These samples are provided as examples of structure and format. As textbook material is updated regularly, many of the questions on these sample exams will not be reflected in the current text. In addition, the number of marks per question may vary from the sample exams to the current ones.

Click on the link below to view a sample format of an exam that applies to your course. The courses outlined in each box have identical exam formats. For example, the exam format that applies to C38: Liability Loss Prevention is C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance.

C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance (PDF, 160 KB)

C11 provides a sample of the exam format for the following courses:
C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance
C32: Bodily Injury Claims
C35: Insurance Against Crime
C36: Building Construction, Fire Hazards, and Basic Hazards
C37: Special Hazards and Processes
C38: Liability Loss Prevention
C39: Fraud Awareness and Prevention
C40: Business Interruption Insurance
C45: Surety Bonds
C47: Reinsurance
C48: Automobile Insurance - Part 2
C49: Insurance Against Liability - Part 2
C66: Financial Service Essentials - Part 2
C72: Intro. to Risk Mgmt. and Commercial Lines Insurance


C12: Insurance on Property (PDF, 92.4 KB)
C13: Insurance Against Liability – Part 1 (PDF, 150 KB)
C14: Automobile Insurance – Part 1 (PDF, 115 KB)
C16: The Business of Insurance (PDF, 55.5 KB)
C31: Property Damage Appraisal (PDF, 121 KB)
C43: Specialty Lines (PDF, 136 KB)

Marine Insurance Sample Exam (PDF, 60.0 KB)

The sample marine insurance exam shows the exam format for the following courses:
C57: Cargo and Goods in Transit Insurances
C58: Marine Hull and Associated Liabilities—Part 1
C59: Marine Hull and Associated Liabilities—Part 2

C120: Underwriting Essentials (PDF, 114 KB)

C120 provides a sample of the exam format for the following courses:
C110: Essentials of Loss Adjusting
C111: Advanced Loss Adjusting
C112: Practical Issues in Claims Management
C120: Underwriting Essentials
C121: Advanced Underwriting
C122: Practical Issues in Underwriting Management
C130: Essential Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent
C131: Advanced Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent
C132: Practical Issues in Broker Management



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