Course Results & Grades

Course Results

Course results are available for paid members of the Institute.

Results for courses with paper-based examination will be announced at the end of the fifth week following the examination week. Results can be obtained by;

1. Login to your account

2. Go to the ‘My Education’ section in the gold bar

3. Go to ‘My Courses’ and scroll down to ‘My Student Record’

Results will be available as PDF files from the same area of the website. Results will not be mailed except by request. Paper-based examination results will not be available before the dates below.

For computer-based examinations (CBE), students will be notified by email when their course results are released. The release date for grades may vary by course. It is important for students to keep their email contact information up-to-date in their member profiles.

The Institute does not return examination answer papers and registration for an examination waives any right of access a student may have to copies. Refer to the appeals section for more information.

A student or member who alters the official notice of examination results or a transcript published by the Institute or issues a document falsely purporting to be a true copy of such transcript will be subject to penalties.

Exam Session 

Release Date

December 2016 Session

January 14, 2017

April 2017 Session

May 13, 2017


Examination Grades

Honours standing will be granted in each subject if not less than 80% of the possible marks are obtained in the course and on the final exam.

A minimum of 60% of the possible marks must be obtained in order to receive a passing grade.

A minimum of 55% must be obtained in the final examination by all in-class students and by distance learning students eligible for bonus marks.

Passing grades:
H = 80-100% of the available marks.
B = 75-79% of the available marks.
C = 65-74% of the available marks.
D = 60-64% of the available marks.

Failing grades:
X = 55-59% of the available marks.
Y = 40-54% of the available marks.
Z = less than 40% of the available marks.

Actual exam marks will not be published.

Students who are unsuccessful and receive an X grade (55-59% of the marks) often feel they may have missed passing by only a mark or two. It should be noted that, as in-class courses are out of a total of 300, 1% is equivalent to three marks. Therefore, 55-59% is a range of three to 15 marks, and students may be more than one or two marks away from a pass.

Likewise, with the final exam grade, as the final exam is out of 200, 55-59% is a range of two to 10 marks.

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